Requirement for Contract Approval

All Contracts Must Be Reviewed By General Counsel

All contracts, regardless of the source of funding or whether they involve an exchange of funds versus an exchange of services or goods, must be reviewed by the General Counsel's office for correct form and legal sufficiency. University Contracts and agreements can take many forms, including but not limited to: purchase or sale agreements, licensing agreements, memoranda of understanding or agreement, personal services agreements, affiliation agreements, leases, deeds and easements. Contract amendments must follow the same review and approval process, unless the contract has been previously reviewed and approved by the Office of the General Counsel and there are no changes, other than to dates and dollar amounts


The only exceptions to the foregoing review requirement are the following:

  • Grant funded contracts are reviewed and approved in accordance with the KUCR or KUMC-RI contract review process.
  • Purchases of supplies, materials, equipment, goods, property and services utilizing a competitive solicitation process through KU Purchasing Services.

All other contracts, including purchases below $5,000 and purchases pursuant to sole source or other non-competitive approval through KU Purchasing Services, require review by the General Counsel's Office.

In addition to approval by the Office of the General Counsel, the Kansas Board of Regent's President and CEO must be notified in writing of any contract which requires expenditures or transfers by the University of an amount greater than one million dollars ($1,000,000), excluding contracts directly related to a capital improvement project. Such notifications are made by the University's Chief Financial Officer. Easements are required to be approved as to form by the Office of the Attorney General. Requests for such approval are made through the Office of the General Counsel.

For Review of Contracts at the Lawrence Campus

Please fill out a Legal Services Request form or email your request to the General Counsel departmental mailbox at


For Review of Contracts at the Medical Center Campus

Please fill out a Legal Services Request form or email or hand deliver requests to Theresa Woolley at

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