Practice Areas



Kim Grunewald


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Academic Affairs X   X X   X   X    
Affiliation Agreements X X X X X   X   X X
Affirmative Action, Civil Rights and Non-Discrimination X   X X   X   X    
Animal Welfare Law   X X           X  
Antitrust     X       X      
Athletics, Intercollegiate X   X X   X        
Bankruptcy       X X          
Bonds X X                
Charitable Giving X   X X            
Claims processing - personal injury/property damage     X X   X     X  
Commercial Transactions X X X   X   X     X
Conflict of Interest X X X X   X X      
Construction (including Building/state authority)     X     X       X
Contracts X X X X X   X   X X
Copyright and Publishing Law   X X X X X X      
Corporate Governance X X   X     X      
Employment/Wage-Hour Laws     X     X   X    
Employee Benefits     X     X   X    
Environmental Law   X X              
Ethics, including conflict of interest X   X X   X X      
Export Control   X X X           X
Faculty Issues X   X X X X X X    
Financial Aid     X X            
Governance (University/Affiliated Corporations) X   X X   X X      
Health Care X   X       X   X  
Housing     X X   X        
Immigration     X X     X X    
Information Systems (cyberlaw, telecommunications)   X X     X X   X  
Insurance (including Healthcare Stabilization Fund) X   X           X  
Intellectual Property (copyright, trademark, patent)   X X X     X X   X
Internal Administrative Hearings     X X   X   X X  
Internal Investigations X X X X   X X X X  
Labor Law (unions)     X X   X   X    
Legislation, drafting and support X   X       X   X  
Licensing X X X   X   X     X
Litigation (General)     X     X        
Military Student Laws/Regulations X     X            
Museum Administration       X   X        
Online Education     X X            
Open Records/Meetings X X X X   X X      
Personal Injury, Tort Defense X   X     X     X  
Police and Security     X     X        
Privacy/Information Security     X X   X X X X  
Purchasing, Procurement   X X X X   X     X
Real Estate, Land Use, Leases X   X       X     X
Research (sponsored research, regulatory compliance) X X X     X X   X X
Regulatory Compliance   X         X   X X
Risk Management   X X       X   X  
Scholarly Misconduct     X X   X   X    
Student Affairs and Discipline X   X X   X   X    
Student Residency Issues     X X       X    
Taxation X           X      
Technology Transfer X X X       X      
Title IX Compliance     X X   X   X    
Tort Law X   X X   X     X  
Transit/Parking     X             X
Wills & Estates X   X X X          

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